It’s ok,we’ll depend on the sales turn over and also do research on your market.Let’s discuss more if you have interest.

We have a professinal technical support group for all the item selling.If you need any assistance on your item problem,please do not hesitate to contact us,our technical support will be there to assist you.

All the goods are 100% quality problem.We’ll sent parts for your repair and replace.If goods are damaged by personal,we are not responsible.

Yes.We  can prepare relative documents to foreign affairs office or other office to apply for this certificate.We also supply Form A,Form B,Form E,Form F and CIQ for Egypt.

For small capacity,we packed with carton,but for big capacity,we can make the pallet or use Strong wooden case to distinguish and protect the goods.

We have certification of ISO9001,CE,RoHS,FCC,ETL,TUV,UL

For sample,within 3-5 days after receiving payment.

For bulk order,usually in 10-15 days after receiving payment.

For sample order,100% payment before shipment

For bulk order,T/T 30% deposit and 70% balance before shipment or against copy of B/L.

MPPT is an electronic system that operates the photovoltaic modules to produce maximum power.MPPT varies the electrical operating point of modules and enables them to deliver maximum available power.

Fuse (or circuit breaker, depending on the location and nature of the application) is an integral part of the safe installation of many NOVA New Energy products. If your installation does not meet the recommendations and specifications in the user guide, it is possible that an unsafe condition may be created, which could result in a fire. Your insurance company may not be obliged to cover damages in this case.

Yes, it is possible to operate a small air conditioner in the 5000-9000 BTU range using a higher-powered inverter and battery bank with the right capacity for power. Select an inverter and battery combination that takes into account the startup surge required by the air conditioner.

Both pure sine wave and modified sine wave inverter output will operate a computer, including a laptop. However, some monitors and laser printers can only be powered by pure sine wave output.

The length of time you can operate an inverter depends on the amp-hour capacity of your battery bank.

Choosing the right size of inverter depends on the power requirements of the appliances you expect to operate at any given time. You should consider both the continuous and surge power rating of your appliance. The continuous rating must be high enough to handle all the loads that may run at the same time. The inverter must also be capable of handling the starting surge of all loads that may start at the same time. Loads typically take many times their continuous rating to start.

Solar energy is a tried and tested power source that is already being used around the world for numerous commercial, industrial, government and domestic applications. It is powering water pumps in African villages, weather stations in the Antarctic and satellites in space!


It works by transforming the energy from the sun into a reusable form of electricity, a process known as Photovoltaic (or PV for short). Your Solar panel acts as a collecting tray, helping you catch the sun’s rays. The bigger the panel, the more energy you can collect. The energy collcted is stored for your future use in a battery.

Sometimes you collect more energy than you actually need so with larger panels a voltage regulator should be fitted to control the flow of energy and prevent battery damage.

It would be hard to find a more environmentally friendly power supply. Clean and green, solar power is a renewable, sustainable and non-polluting source of energy. It is easy to see the appeal of solar power for domestic use. Low maintenance and long lasting, it is a highly cost-effective and reliable energy supply.
All our Solar panels come with a 10 year guarantee and a 20 year performance guarantee on the cells
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